Sponsors/Clinical Research Organizations



CIMA is pleased to offer you ground-breaking central patient recruitment services. Patient recruitment is the number one most challenging aspect of conducting clinical trials; over and over again research studies fail to meet recruitment deadlines in a timely manner, which causes unnecessary delays and substantially increases costs for sponsor companies.

CIMA is equipped with a highly qualified, experienced, and innovative team of professionals from diverse backgrounds dedicated to ensuring the success of every patient recruitment campaign. Through our centralized marketing and advertising campaigns, and call centre referral services, we expedite the recruitment process significantly. Research sites are generally faced with many challenges when it comes to recruiting patients from their own database, and they typically tend to overestimate recruitment capabilities in feasibility questionnaires. Incorporating centralized recruitment services from the get-go ensures deadlines are always met, and alleviates the burden faced by sponsors for missed targets.


  • Customized Clinical Study Campaigns
  • High impactful and innovative Print and Digital Ad creation (French, English)
  • Novel Social Media Marketing
  • Website Design and Promotion
  • Online and Phone Pre-screening services (French and English)
  • Participant referral Services
  • Participant Retention programs