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Why Many Doctors Still Slow to Recommend Cannabis

This is a loaded question and an area of frustration for many seeking access to legal cannabis. So even though Medical Cannabis has been available for purchase in Canada under the order of a physician since 2014, many are still reluctant to recommend it.

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Getting Better Without Getting High ( Unless you want to of Course)

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Despite its pending legalization, recreational and medical cannabis is still stigmatized throughout Canada. Education can help overcome these concerns.

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Sabrina Ramkellawan
VP, Clinical Affairs, Solace Health Network



Sabrina Ramkellawan featured in The Kit article about women leaders in the cannabis industry.  Article below.

Meet the Women Shaping Canada’s Weed Industry


Can cannabis be potential substitution for opioids?

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Is cannabis poised to disrupt the pharma industry? Many say yes.

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The Future is Already Here!!

Synopsis: Sabrina Ramkellawan writes about the present day landscape of cannabis research in Canada.

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Canadian Institute For Medical Advancement - Working on Migraine Cannabis Research Study

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