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Our Approach

Our approach is to help organizations that are interested in conducting research to advance medicine, and to make research accessible to anyone. We have the expertise to help you with research projects and/or here to support companies that need some assistance even if its short term. Our philosophy is to work with companies (even if your experience conducting research experience is limited). We  work with you within reasonable budgets to provide the operational "know how" to get any research project off the ground.

Our Story

After working in the research industry for 20 years, as well as overseeing all operational aspects of a number of medical clinics; we wanted a company dedicated to help make research accessible to anyone. One of the biggest challenges for smaller companies or individuals to conduct research is that they don't have the staffing resources and the necessary funds.  I recognized that most organizations needed help with conducting research and also assistance with the operations of their practice (as these go hand in hand to be successful in the conduct of research). During the last 2+ years I also worked in the cannabis industry and wanted to fill a gap that exists by helping organizations with the conduct of cannabis research as well.  The Canadian Institute for Medical Advancement  is here to help companies by being your experienced team to meet your research project goals. We also conduct events to help motivate discussion and action among Canadians to continue to conduct innovative research to advance medicine in Canada.

Meet the Team

Our team has expertise in the conduct on clinical trials and observational studies. Everyone on our team also has experience with adult education at the college and/or university level.

Sabrina Ramkellawan

Founder & CEO

Sabrina Ramkellawan is a researcher, patient advocate, speaker and professor.

Sabrina has 15+ years of clinical trial experience in both early and late phase trials (including pharmacokinetic studies, bioequivalence/bioavailability, drug abuse liability studies, and device studies). Sabrina is a seasoned research professional with progressive industry experience in several therapeutic areas (Pain/CNS, Cardiology, Biologics, Immunology, Virology, Dermatology, Sleep Medicine, Gastrointestinal (GI), Reproductive Health and Oncology). She has worked on more than 10 novel/innovative drugs, 300+ generic drug studies, 4 vaccine drugs, and 5 medical device studies. In addition, she was a professor at Seneca College teaching as part of the clinical research program. She also does a number of speaking engagements and talks related to research including cannabis research and cannabis education for patients and health care providers.



Jason Moreau

Scientific Advisor

Jason completed his Ph.D. at the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Western Ontario with a focus in neurophysiology and neuropharmacology. Shortly after, Jason worked leading a team of clinical researchers to launch and administer several large studies assessing efficacy and safety of medical cannabis for a variety of conditions. Since 2012, Jason has published 13 peer-reviewed papers, including recently in the field of medical cannabis for pain. To-date, Jason has expertise in designing, implementing and managing large clinical trials and studies in pain, psychiatric conditions, oncology and gastrointestinal diseases in both the medical cannabis and pharmaceutical industries.

Gazal Vakili

Managing Director, Training

Gazal Vakili is a clinical research professional with 8+ years of experience in the clinical research industry/pharma. She has worked as a Clinical Research Coordinator at a research site, Clinical Research Manager at a Site Management Organization, Managing Editor of a Canadian clinical trials magazine, Clinical Data Management at a CRO, and Clinical Trial Manager for large phase III studies at a pharmaceutical company. She has served as the President of the Clinical Research Association of Canada and Web Marketing Manager for the Canadian Association for Independent Clinical Research. She has also worked as an instructor for Seneca College, School of Biological Sciences and Chemistry and served as a Subject Matter Expert for Oxford College. She has completed an undergraduate degree in biology and psychology and a Masters of Health Sciences in Clinical Trial Administration from George Washington University.

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