Helping organizations that are interested in conducting research to advance medicine and to make research accessible to anyone. We have the expertise to help you with research projects and/or here to support companies that need some assistance even if its short term. Our philosophy is to work with companies (even if your experience conducting research experience is limited). We work with you within reasonable budgets to provide the operational “know-how” to get any research project off the ground


After working in the research industry for 20 years, as well as overseeing all operational aspects of a number of medical clinics; we wanted a company dedicated to helping make research accessible to anyone. One of the biggest challenges for smaller companies or individuals to conduct research is that they don’t have the staffing resources and the necessary funds. I recognized that most organizations needed help with conducting research and also assist with the operations of their practice (as these go hand in hand to be successful in the conduct of research). During the last 2+ years, I also worked in the cannabis industry and wanted to fill a gap that exists by helping organizations with the conduct of cannabis research as well. The Canadian Institute for Medical Advancement is here to help companies by being your experienced team to meet your research project goals. We also conduct events to help motivate discussion and action among Canadians to continue to conduct innovative research to advance medicine in Canada.